2018, a new chapter.

As we tick into a new year, the inevitable talk of resolutions abounds. I’m not one for resolutions, but I do like to set goals, get them aired; getting them aired seems to give them more weight and make me more accountable; and work towards them. A goalIf I look back on last years goals, its fair to say they didn’t all get smashed. Some did, some got removed from the list and replaced with other new goals and some changed into something different as the journey developed and evolved – I didn’t get any work published but I did get on BBC radio and television. But the list, it’s purpose and the ownership I have of seeing that list come to fruition framed my year and gave me structure.

Last year, for the first time I encouraged Boy Child to put a list of goals together, to give him some goals to work towards and some means of pushing and motivating himself. This year he asked if he could write a new list, and so too has the list writing and goal setting been taken up by big sister and Mummy. Boy Child’s goals are an interesting mix, and I’m looking forward to helping him achieve his goals (and sample the cake!);

  • Complete Junior Spartan race
  • Learn to bake a cake all by myself
  • Video blog more little adventures
  • Learn to fly a kite
  • Swim 25 metres

Not bad for a boy who only turned 7 a few weeks ago!

Me on the other hand, well, mine are possibly less interesting or fun, and notwithstanding a few domestic goals I’ve removed, look something like this;

  • Complete two endurance adventure challenges –  Lon Las FKT cycle ride and Snowdon48 challenge
  • Do something to widely promote “alt.fitness” to youths
  • Plan & execute x1 profitable small Endurance Department event in 2018
  • Start to plan a larger Endurance Department event for 2019
  • Get x1 new Endurance Department client per month
  • Be more consistent with my nutrition – less alcohol, refined carbs and dairy (processed food)
  • Encourage and support both kids and Mummy to work on setting and smashing their goals
  • Blog (write and video) more about all the above
  • Turn 40!

So there they are, the things that, as of today I hope to work towards, smash and add to or develop over the next year. The next chapter. What do you want to write as your 2018 chapter?

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