Being a media darlin’ helps get the message across….

I’m sitting here drawing up a list on challenges and adventures for 2018. To be fair, it’s not a long list. It’s not a long list because I have some pretty definitive ideas, and while I look forward to working on them, training for them and planning them, I have half an eye on the question of whether they are of interest to anyone else, other than me?

You may ask “why does it matter if you do this stuff for you?”. Well, it matters in part I guess because I’m passionate about doing these adventures and challenges to both push the message out to the wider community that challenge and endeavour are within us all and to also support and shout about causes close to my heart that frame the same message – a message of opportunity, of faith and perseverance – and if these ideas are of interest to others, the greater the opportunity to shout about those messages!

Reflecting back, this year I have been exceptionally fortunate that my big challenge for the year, the Cotswolds Adventure Challenge was picked up in the outdoor sports press by OutdoorsRadar as well as both BBC television and radio. Looking forward, I am excited for the challenges to come in 2018, as well as the opportunities they will in turn bring. What are those challenges…….? Hmmmm, for now, that would be telling, but I’ll let you know soon enough 😉


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