Being a media darlin’ helps get the message across….

I’m sitting here drawing up a list on challenges and adventures for 2018. To be fair, it’s not a long list. It’s not a long list because I have some pretty definitive ideas, and while I look forward to working on them, training for them and planning them, I have half an eye on the question of whether they are of interest to anyone else, other than me?

You may ask “why does it matter if you do this stuff for you?”. Well, it matters in part I guess because I’m passionate about doing these adventures and challenges to both push the message out to the wider community that challenge and endeavour are within us all and to also support and shout about causes close to my heart that frame the same message – a message of opportunity, of faith and perseverance – and if these ideas are of interest to others, the greater the opportunity to shout about those messages!

Reflecting back, this year I have been exceptionally fortunate that my big challenge for the year, the Cotswolds Adventure Challenge was picked up in the outdoor sports press by OutdoorsRadar as well as both BBC television and radio. Looking forward, I am excited for the challenges to come in 2018, as well as the opportunities they will in turn bring. What are those challenges…….? Hmmmm, for now, that would be telling, but I’ll let you know soon enough 😉


Big thanks – Cotswold Adventure Challenge

Twelve months ago, I sparked an idea that came to fruition yesterday afternoon. To complete a circular adventure challenge of the Cotswolds. Some 300km roughly, cycling, running and kayaking, including running the 102-mile length of the Cotswold Way. Why?

1. Because I wanted to prove I could
2. To raise money and publicity for a great cause
3. To motivate others to get out and be active themselves

I had never intended this challenge to become the behemoth it did. Keeping it simple was the original plan, but as with all things such as this it grew legs and kept going. While it’s fair to say that in the build up, the way the challenge was growing in logistics was somewhat at conflict with my original idea, I cannot express how humbled and happy I am at how it did grow and the swell of support, I owe a lot of people a lot of thanks.

Such endeavours are selfish, of course I know that, and that in part makes the growing support and help I received from friends, family and in some cases on route total strangers, even more humbling.
I set out to raise money for The Children’s Society; as a father it’s amazing to see my own children grow and develop, in a secure and loving environment, where they are encouraged to push themselves, to try new things, to make mistakes and learn – not all children sadly have the same opportunities in life or the same support and The Children’s Society provide valuable services to help less fortunate children, the future of our society and communities. I’m stoked to have been able to both raise (exceed) the fundraising goal for them but to have also secured additional publicity and media coverage for this great cause.

Pushing our minds and bodies to the limit is not something that comes easy to most of us. But if we set goal, plan the process and build up to it, we can all achieve our personal goals, goals which are different for all of us. Whether it’s a first 5k or climbing Everest, we can all do so much more than we think. Everyone reading this, you; can get up and do something you currently think impossible – being active, being outside, pushing yourself, rocks.

Thank you so much to everyone – Paul Smith at Rock and Water Adventures and the guys at Pyranha Kayaks for the kit and support for the kayak leg (The P&H Custom Sea Kayaks was awesome), my support crew, friends and family who met me at various points and rode, ran, hobbled, walked, kayaked with me. The hugs, the sarcastic comments, it all helped soooo much.
Rhyannon Burman-Day
Emma Chetwynd Jarvis
Bryony (You Rock Star)
Colin Burman (Mum + Dad)
Matt Shipp
Andrew Ferguson
James Hosken
Samantha Hosken
Hannah Butcher
Jamie Davies
Dominic Crawford
Carly Jack Walker
Chloe Tipper
Ben Moppett
Paul Greenwood

And the many many others that turned up to cheer me on, sent me messages and who donated ££££ sorry too many to name everyone …………………..

Thank you

Chris “Kit” Burman-Day