I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done…

So, not one for New Year’s Resolutions I set some 2017 goals instead; some personal, some professional some just things I’ve put off long enough.

2017 has been a crazy, emotional roller-coaster so far, and there have been a number of moments when I’ve thought to myself that I should just capitulate and let the World take over and roll with the events that seemed to be shaping my immediate direction. Safe to say, had I allowed that to happen, things would be very different.

Not giving in and taking control of those goals and the steps needed in recent months to get to my happier-place, and two months’ in I have a new job starting, and making steady strides to plan my business idea, have held a trial trail-running guided-workshop, the Cotswold Challenge planning is complete and this past week have passed my Certified IRONMAN Coach qualification…there have been times I’ve been tired, exhausted and desperately not wanted to have the strength to see these goals through; but when failure isn’t an option, fighting, working hard and pushing on are all that are left, and that’s where the magic happens!

Whatever your goals, whatever your challenges, the pain the stress and worry will go away once the elation and recognition of those successes come, no matter how small – don’t stop when you’re tired; stop when you’re done!

Huge love to The Cotswold Family, for their support and putting up with “grumpy-daddy”, but things are changing! #project2017 #ironmancertifiedcoach #smashyourgoals #300km48hrs ironman-certified-coach-christopher-burman-day