I have a dream………

So, for some time (since I was in school really – which was ooohhh so long ago) I have wanted to do something to with fitness, health, food, and helping others achieve their goals in fitness and sport. Twenty years ago my first attempt was “bionicfitness” an online coaching and training platform. At the time the technology didn’t really exist to pull off what I wanted to do, but with the help of some design and IT muckers we came close – pity, as I might have been able to beat TrainingPeaks and Livestrong to the big bucks!

Over the last year or so an idea has germinated and started to evolve, and this year I will be launching The Endurance Department #TED. It’ll be a slow burn, but over time I hope to be able to build a brand and business that will marry up a lot of my goals and aspirations, both personally and professionally.


My vision, my dream if you like, if  The Endurance Department, a brand that will offer online coaching for novice endurance athletes, 1-2-1 and group workshops in the beautiful Cotswold countryside, goal orientated coaching and mentoring as well as a small range of endurance themed leisure clothing (t-shirts, hoodies and caps etc – whether its trail and ultra running, sportive cycling or long-course triathlon, and in time a series of fun endurance events to get people of all ages and ability involved.

Now, there is a bigger dream for #TED, but that would require a Lotto win to get it off the ground; so baby steps first. While I have a dream, and a goal I’m not foolish enough to think I can ignore my other responsibilities and start over, but its important to focus on and plan for our dreams, whatever they may be. So, if like me you have a burning idea, an aching to do something else or a longing to achieve something you feel is unattainable, do it. Plan, take those first steps, dip your toe in the water, you never know – its better to try and fail than to not try at all; because lets be honest even if it doesn’t work you don’t fail, you learn; and that is how success happens!

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Goals for 2017?

So, I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but I have taken it upon myself to set some short and long term goals for this year; a big year for change. Apart from a few I’m leaving off this list; these are my goals for fitness, adventure challenges and a new direction this year;

1; qualify as an IRONMAN Certified Coach

2; pass my Peak Performance Coaching course

3; smash my Cotswold Way adventure challenge

4; run Offa’s Dyke path in one go

5; help a newbie race Man v Mountain

6; Get Boy Child up Snowdon

7; plan and execute 4 family micro-adventures

8; get 4 adventure, endurance or fitness related articles published in print media

9; work with an outdoor kit manufacturer

There are mine. What are your goals for this coming year?

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