Family microadventire in the woods.

An Easter microadventure with the family #GoApe 

So, following three days of forced incarceration, well partial, thanks to the pressing issue of replacing the garden fence between torrential rain storms it was time to get out, get active and just as importantly, get the cubs out and active!

The planned kayak trek on the Sharpness Canal was called off last minute – well, just because there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing, doesn’t mean playing on a canal is a clever idea in Biblical weather, so truck packed, cubs and K9 clan in tow off to the Forest on Dean we went. The plan? A dog walk, a trail run with Girl Cub and some sausage sizzling on the camping stove……

The reality? Pulling into the Beechenhurst car park (we normally park at Canop Pools) Girl Cub spots the GoApe centre, and makes a point of pointing it out to Boy Cub. So while Mummy Bear is off doing what bears do in forests the rest of the Pack go check out GoApe, initially just to appease Boy Cub; convinced that at 5  he’s both too young and too short. Turns out that you have to be 6. Result. Oh, but he can go on with a “responsible” adult if, IF, he’s over 1m tall. Turns out he is…..

After a safety briefing and issuing of harnesses off we went, Daddy and the two cubs. Now, I’ve jumped out of planes, fast-roped out of helicopters, absailed down cliff faces and buildings……but Boy Cub? Despite his eagerness I wasn’t overly convinced he would  fly too well on a 30ft high tree top assault course on a wire! From scramble-net crossings to rope bridges with off-set steps and a zip wire that must be close to 100m, he LOVED IT!! The course follows a uni-directional route ending in a zip wire that sees you step off a 30ft high platform, no joke for a 5 year old. With two courses, one with a guide-line to help balance and one without, both Cubs had four circuits, with Girl Cub (12) loving the tougher circuit. While Daddy and Girl Cub did a final circuit of the tougher route, Boy Cub was flirting away with the young ladies from GoApe; sporty red-heads clad head to toe in North Face kit, well done young man!

After an hours tree-top adventure it was lunch time. Sticking to plan, lunch meant camping stove on the truck tailgate and sausages – typically just as we lit the stove, the heavens opened. Oh well, no such thing as bad weather…… With the dogs in their crate in the boot and sizzling sausages in front of them, lunch was oh so yummy despite the weather!

A cracking little unexpected adventure was had. With both Girl and Boy Cub learning to push themselves trying something new, tackling something dangerous in a safe and fun environment. I’m not sure it’s the sort of thing that would push my adrenaline buttons, but it was great fun and if you have young ones, well worth a visit, get them active, get them outdoors and push their comfort zone. Kids remember experiences, and this is an experience to remember!

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